Ron Windebank’s  Garden Arts Barn has been a Trent Hills mecca for over 20 years. Mecca for two reasons – first there is delightful renderings oon white washed planks and boards as seen above. Yes, primarily florals pieces with a few horses, roosters, cats, and even a dog or two. The appeal of the works is their vibrant hues, durability, and easy virtuoso styling.


And stashed in the nooks and crannies of the barn is a stash  of antiques ranging from huge logging saws  and scythes to old tricylces sitting next to porcelain  bowls and vases. Windebank’s Art Barn is also  a treasure trove of bygone fixtures and memories of just decades ago.

But there is another treasure to be found all around Windebanks farm and that is the roll of nerby hills and valleys that makeup the Trent Hills watershed as seen below:


And here is a sampler of the Art in the Barn