Besides good company[currently Daisy is the headliner] and getting to play tennis[currently a “cane fault” is the only chance a certain Toronto player has of winning a point], there are two other Detroit events well worth attending –  the Detroit Selfridge Airshow and the Detroit Dream Cruise on Woodward an. Both are weekend events, free to the public, 

Let us start with the Detroit Selfridge Airbase Airshow

The Airshow was impacted by the Covid crisis in 2020 and 2021, but there was a 2022 Selfridge Airshow and one is scheduled for 2024. Meantime,Michigan features 7 Airshows for Summer 2023. Here is a sampler of Selfridge Airshow scenes from the past 10 years:

Unfortunately this photogapher has missed the big aerial fllybies. Hopefully unlike getting a tennis point against Melinda, this is not Mission Impossible.

 The Woodward Avenue Dream-Cruise

Now Detroit is Motor City so there are plenty of families and workers for the auto firms and their supplier with a great deal of interest in auto mechanics and styling. The following set of pix also fro 10 yearsof Dream-Cruisie viewing shows off atroiters showing of theeir automotive interests and talents.